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AMD strikes back

AMD reported earnings during this week and convinced Wall Street with some good numbers. Let's look at the chart of the last 15 years, which shows a new long-term high.

Important here are not the numbers themselves...  Read more


Bitcoin is at a critical support level

During Friday, Bitcoin dropped to or even through its critical support level at around $6000, which it reached on the 6th of February earlier this year as seen in the weekly chart below.

What does that mean now?...  Read more


The apple rushes into the sky

The Apple Rush Company (APRU) rushed more than factor 250 up and into the sky in only nine month. What an apple tree! The weekly chart at the left demonstrates that there has almost never been a weakness all the way up... Read more

What is Trend Sigma?

Flow traders use many different trading styles and methods. But they all have these two characteristics in common:

  • Flow trading means a relaxed and natural, or an automated way of doing a trade or an investment. You go with the flow.

  • Going with the flow is usually not only convenient, but also extraordinarily rewarding.

One way of going with the flow is trend trading. Let's start with two of these methods. They happen to be the bread and butter of a trend trader:

The most direct system for short-term traders of all markets. Also useful for getting safely on board of long-term trends:

Trend Σ PIPDAQ setups
for the efficient trader

The Trend Sigma system for "investo-trading" the stock market. Works also well for cryptocurrencies. Can be combined with the PIPDAQ system above:

Darvas + Livermore


The Trend Investor

Does Trend Sigma trading mean that you have to know it better than others most of the time? No, trend traders need quite some trades to enter some huge winners. They are no wizards. They just look to others as if they were.

And here it comes:

You can also download our .pdf with the Trend Sigma trading method in detail plus about 100 unconventional trading systems for rethinking the whole thing and staying open minded, which is part of the whole trading process:

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