Trend Sigma - Go with the flow

Trend Sigma's way from debt to wealth follows two and a half steps and begins with X. If you would like to follow our way, just start following the blog of TS. The way is shorter than you might think. You are supposed to walk less than three steps:

0. The right mindset

At first comes mental preparation. Find out whether your financial misery is more due to excessive spending or difficulties to earn money. If you are in debt, analyze the reasons. Then take a deeper look at the debt itself. Get a clear picture of the size and structure of it. Find out your credit score and check your credit report. Could part of your debt be refinanced? Look at it in terms of cost. How much interest do you have to pay for it? In short, you have to become conscious about your situation and how it hurts you. That is the starting point for developing the right mindset to mitigate your main psychological problem. It is either the spending or the earning...

1. A good idea

If you start at or below zero, there is no way around real work to earn money. But we could try to do it intelligently. There are many hard ways to make money with real work, but there also some not so hard ones. This step is about the right money making idea for you, either as a supplement or your new own business. Methods for an easier income do exist definitely. They are just hard to find. That's one reason why this site was born. We try to dig up one or the other secret...

2. Let it work

At some point it is possible and wise to let your money work for you. We are entering the land of investing and trading here. This step is supported at the beginning by your main business that you found in the step above, but more and more your focus could be shifting to rely on investing solely. Trend Sigma has a special meaning for this final step. It means finding the right trend of something and exploiting it. The right trend is the significant one - Trend Sigma...

Good luck,