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The Bitcoin miracle

Here is a fine example of what Zen trading is all about. Have a look at the Bitcoin chart of the last 5 years. Bitcoin made an incredible run and went from 5 cent to over $1000 in a little more than three years. Every white dot of the vertical scale marks a doubling in […]

Bitcoin is ready to restart

Bitcoin, the miracle from the cyberspace, may see new highs. Let’s have a look at the remarkable chart that shows an advance from $5 to over $1000 in less than two years. Yesterday Bitcoin managed to get over $400 again and this long-term chart looks as if it were ready for more. Why? During the […]

Oil hits new lows

After worrying Chinese export and import data came out, crude oil dropped to a new low in the current downtrend as seen in this weekly chart. The long-term reasons are still the same. The OPEC couldn’t agree on a production cut as Saudi Arabia wants to fight competition from American shale producers. Chinese economic data […]

Bitcoin is warming up for new highs

During the last month a fallen angel has started to rise again: Bitcoin. What actually is the fuel behind the move? As usual with Bitcoin, nobody knows for sure. One month ago the Bitcoin exchange Gemini of the Winklevoss twins came alive. Perhaps this is seen by the market as a precursor of their planned […]

Volkswagen sinks to the ashes – for now

Look at this chart of the crashing VW phoenix. They are already expecting more than 6 billion Euros in direct damages, aka fines. VW managed to build intelligent cars. No, they are not as intelligent as the self-driving one from Google. Their intelligence is just sufficient to understand when they are in a test situation. […]

Oil rally or brief reversal?

The oil crash just took a breather with an abrupt two day uptrend. Will it go further? Hard to say, as the depressing factors are still in place. Reasons for this short-term rocket are most likely news about an encouraging U.S. growth and the relaxation of international equity markets. There are also reports of an […]

The oil crash goes ahead

Oil just made new lows as predicted. Time to get on board of a fine trend if you haven’t done so already. The oil market saw new price lows during the last days. There seem to be two main reasons for that: Iran closed the nuclear deal with world powers and is now on the […]

The German Bunds crash

German Bunds are the short of a lifetime, according to Bill Gross, the bond guru. He seems to have called the very low on April 21 (red circle) of the 10yr Bunds as seen here in the daily yield chart. Did he? Or did he rather influence the market with his opinion? In any case, […]

The oil crash

One of the most remarkable trends of the last months is the deep dive of oil. Oil is tanking! One reason is the US and its ability to exploit previously unprofitable repositories. Fracking has led to an oil glut, temporarily at least. The US just became a net exporter of oil after decades of being […]

How low will the euro go?

What is Zen trading? It is trading done the simple way and that means looking for the right trend and finding the right entry spot. Here we have one, the decline of the euro. While the fundamental reason for this steep decline is the current monetary policy of the ECB called quantitative easing, psychological reasons […]

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Forex trading is exciting

So exciting that many do it for fun and not for making money. If you want more than fun, you should have a system, though. Very quickly you will arrive at the conclusion that something in this “game” plays against you. Right, and this something is nothing less than the world’s biggest banks. This alone […]

Are ETFs the better stocks?

No, but ETFs are technically stocks and that is their greatest beauty. If you know how to handle stocks, you are also fine with ETFs. Due to the fact that under the hood they are funds, the risk of “bankruptcy” of a single ETF is minimal. There is the risk of financial failure somewhere down […]

Many commodity and futures traders go broke

This is a provoking start, but it has an avoidable reason. Most beginners in these markets, and some are lifelong beginners, don’t have a clue about money management. Derivative markets offer a high leverage often coupled with tight spreads. Essentially everything is in place to become rich. You just need to discipline yourself to the […]

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