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We have a description of how Trend Sigma trading works and how a meaningful trend can be identified. If you are interested in riding the megatrends, this free eBook may be for you:

Trend Sigma system

Recommendations that are worth their price:

  • Stock trading may offer the largest returns of all markets, except cryptos. We have a complete system ebook for the investo-trader.

  • Swing trading that can be used as the magic bullet for our trading ideas. Getting alerted about special market situations is fine, but you still need a trading system for entering and exiting them the right way.

The path to real wealth - you walk it only reluctantly, because you are more after real bytes? All right, these pages are for you:

  • Trend System LX is our streamlined VMware master image for building multiplatform appliances based on Ubuntu with LXDE. We use it for fusing heterogenous trading apps that run in different environments into a combined trading platform that works on all main OSes. But this basic image is not trading specific and could be developed to anything other than a trading appliance.

  • VMware offers the opportunity to run a simulated computer in a window of your real one. You will just need one of our downloadable images.

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