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Disclaimer and other legal things

Trend Sigma is a network of sites offering only educational and informational materials. Everything that is accessible through the Trend Sigma Network is offered "as is". That means, it is up to you what you do with these offerings and any risk is completely yours. In other words, Trend Sigma does not take any liability or responsibility for whatsoever that, in whatever way, originated in the Trend Sigma network and its materials.

Everything on all our sites is copyrighted, either by us or by others. Please respect that. Fair use is Ok for the parts that are copyrighted by us.

The Trend Sigma network displays ads and affiliate links, which means that we may get a compensation when you click on an ad or link, buy something thereafter or perform any other specified action linked to the ad or link. Recommendations to do something of these above mentioned income for Trend Sigma generating actions are generally opinions of our authors expressed with the intent to earn money for Trend Sigma. The same holds true for reviews of buyable products. Please keep in mind that Trend Sigma is a money making project.

Trend Sigma ™ is a trade mark.

Further legal information about the Trend Sigma network can be found on our disclaimer page and our privacy policy page.

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