Trend Sigma - the path to real wealth in three steps.

Step zero starts exactly at or below zero. If you are in debt or have no free money at all, you will have to begin with step zero. You can start while still being in debt as there is no money needed to enter the way to riches, but you must put work into the project. From nothing comes nothing.

Step one is about earning money the elegant way. Yes, it is possible to make money with more ease than in step zero. The difference is the seed captial. With at least a little money for small expenditures or investments having a good idea becomes more important. Of course, concentrated work is still necessary.

Step two is the last and main step of Trend Sigma. It is about letting your money doing the work and thus investment capital is needed. Depending on what type of market you choose, it can be quite small. Important for investing and trading is something else. The meaningful trend...

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