Three strange traders and their systems.
One is the outsider.

Trend riding
Swing Trader


Forex trading

Amos Hostetter * Anne Scheiber * Breaking the high of the day * Breakout trading systems * CANSLIM Stock Trading System * Darvas meets Livermore * Entering a trend at a new high * Entering the trend with a swing trading system * Forex autotrading * Forex trend trading * Fred Hager * How to catch a trend * Jesse Livermore * Nicolas Darvas * Nicolas Darvas boxes system * Nicolas Darvas dar cart * Optimization * Random Walk * Support and resistance * Swing trading tricks * Technology trends * The scalping daytrader * Trading legend Jesse Livermore * Trading systems for stocks, Forex and options

Forex   Under the millstones of the banks
Futures  Hoping for the trend and finding chaos
Options   Above average? You will still lose!
Stocks   The negative-sum game for investors