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What is Trend Sigma trading?

Sigma is a Greek letter that is used with various meanings in science and mathematics. In statistics it denotes the standard deviation, which is used as a measure of confidence.

Trading is statistics and traders need some sort of confidence. That's why I chose this name for a style of trading or investo-trading that results in less stress and work combined with huge profits.

We have a free ebook summarizing the things that are important for the trader of true trends with potential. Our trading system has a healthy relation of a possibly huge outcome and an acceptable risk:

Trend Sigma system

Additionally this site offers financial market news complementing the above system, mainly for momentum traders, trend riders, growth investors, and new era speculators. If you are interested in trading chances for real moves and alternative system ideas, you should also subscribe to our blog with the RSS feed below.

Trend Sigma is foremost a trading system site. We adhere to the idea that short-term trading is necessary to get on board of longer running trends. You need to keep losses in check on your journey to find and exploit a monster trend! Investing is also trial and error. Of course, one could just buy cheap and hope to sell dear. Perhaps it will work, but you will have to be patient. Or it won't work at all. You waited and lost nonetheless. The faster and more direct way is to invest in a running trend, and that with a working trading system.

Our basic system, the whole idea of Trend Sigma, is quite simple and convincing. Just have a look at the TS system.

Trading is an art and it is important to think outside the box, at least at times. We are collecting, compiling, and curating here a library of alternative trading systems.

And here are even more systems, classic ones, some even more than hundred years old, but still interesting and valid:

In the end it is also important to be informed about current market chances. Subscribing to our Trend Sigma market blog will give you new trading system ideas and current market insights:

The part of the above that relates to "strange" systems, strategies, and methods can be also found here:

Systems outside the box

Good luck with taming the random demon,


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