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Ubuntu 18.04 VMware image with Tools

Ubuntu has just released their newest flagship distro with a long-term support of five years. They call it the Bionic Beaver and we have put the beaver into a VMware image. This bionic VM comes with Gnome, the new flagship of all Ubuntu desktops. VMware Tools are also integrated and everything works much better than the older main Ubuntu distro with Unity. See below.

Appliance Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
VM image size 1.44 GB
Disk 20 GB
VM RAM 2048 MB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password

The new Ubuntu main distro uses Gnome instead of Unity, which is in itself a main step forward. Gnome is geared towards a painless computing experience, where everything should just work. On the other hand, the Gnome desktop is not much configurable. Gnome tries to do everything out of the box perfectly. If that is not the right thing for you, have a look at our other VMware images with Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

The virtualized Bionic Beaver with Gnome needs quite some resources. It is a relative big download and the image itself is also not the fastest. If you run an older machine, our Lubuntu 18.04 LTS VMware image may be the better choice. It also resembles the good old Windows XP/7 experience better than the new Gnome desktop. So, if you like a Start button with a hierarchical menu for the apps and a task bar showing running programs, Lubuntu and Xubuntu are better suited to you. In all cases our new Ubuntu 18.04 VMware images come with long-term support and have access to the same 60.000 packages.

Applications: Firefox, Synaptic, compiler chain, and some more tools.

Zip md5: b3108f27301ec3cde675c635b6c89921

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