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Bitcoin becomes real money

The current state of cryptocurrencies is ambiguous. Coming from a high of about $65,000, bitcoin (weekly chart of the last 3 years below) has fallen by 50%. Before that it made an advance of 100,000,000% in about 10 years. Really! That’s no mistake. One dollar would have become one million dollars in ten years. Weighing […]  -- read more

Bitcoin: Stock market correlation or restarting hype?

Bitcoin shot up impressively to pre-corona levels. Is the hype back now? Two weeks after the stock market started to react to the corona virus, correlation between stock and crypto markets suddenly increased and bitcoin experienced a dramatic crash. The safe haven status that bitcoin enthusiasts liked to proclaim got severely shattered. A free fall […]  -- read more

Libra – freedom made by Facebook

Facebook just announced the “Libra”, a new stable coin and sort of an international payment vehicle selflessly designed to help the underbanked of the world. It shall be backed by a basket of real currencies and be usable via Facebook’s social media portals. How will this affect the existing financial world? Astonishingly Facebook seems to […]  -- read more

The Bitcoin hype is back

Now there are all gates open for the next run to $100.000. Of course, it will not shoot up directly to the moon, but rather meander more often up than down and drive traders dizzy! But not us, see below… After the first attempt twelve weeks ago and then the astonishing outbreak from $4000 about […]  -- read more

Is this the beginning of the next fear phase?

The fear indicator VIX spiked on the latest Trump tweets made to torpedo the negotiations with China or made to put them back on track, as he may put it. The VIX doesn’t look hefty at the moment, but if this extends into a new cascade of bluffing, misunderstanding, and threatening, we may finally see […]  -- read more

Bitcoin tries a restart

After a long slump comes finally the next attempt. Will this restart lead straight to old highs? Probably not, but… …nonetheless it could be traded. Always try to get in early when the time comes, but be prepared to get shaken out. Retry and eventually you will be on board for the long run and […]  -- read more

Bitcoin is on the brink of dropping

Bitcoin slipped during the last night some percent lower and revived interest after a phase of lowest volatility, albeit in the wrong direction. See the daily chart below including the glory highs of 2017. Many investors having an interest in strong crypto markets are touting bitcoin since month as forming a bottom, even a classic […]  -- read more

Dogecoin shows relative strength

Dogecoin, a so called altcoin, fights against the downslide of the general cryptocurrency market. Upper charts are Dogecoin and lower are Bitcoin for comparison. The daily chart at the right shows an upshot of about factor three in about two weeks. The relative strength seems to be caused by Yahoo Finance. They announced that Dogecoin […]  -- read more

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Will Augur become the new global market?

Cryptocurrency Augur (REP) doubled within a week. Augur is a “betting coin” or a decentralized prediction market that uses game theory. The news that seems to drive the price currently is a new system called Veil. This thing wants to be useful for trading everything under the sun. In very short words: Veil wants to […]  -- read more

Various notes...

Yield farming comes to Enzyme Melon

News: The Enzyme crypto coin gets listed on Binance. Yearn Vaults are now available on Enzyme Finance => yield farming. One month ago listed on Coinbase. Last four years: What is it: A platform where literally everybody somewhere in the future should be able to set up a fund and become a fund manager. Formerly […]  -- read more

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