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Crypto is starting again

Bitcoin shows resilience despite all regulatory crackdown threats. See the bitcoin weekly and 2-hour chart. Note that the jump in the intraday chart was partly ignited by the news that Amazon would accept crypto payments in a few month or a year. The news was denied one day later by Amazon saying that they are […]  -- read more

Bitcoin becomes real money

The current state of cryptocurrencies is ambiguous. Coming from a high of about $65,000, bitcoin (weekly chart of the last 3 years below) has fallen by 50%. Before that it made an advance of 100,000,000% in about 10 years. Really! That’s no mistake. One dollar would have become one million dollars in ten years. Weighing […]  -- read more

Bitcoin: Stock market correlation or restarting hype?

Bitcoin shot up impressively to pre-corona levels. Is the hype back now? Two weeks after the stock market started to react to the corona virus, correlation between stock and crypto markets suddenly increased and bitcoin experienced a dramatic crash. The safe haven status that bitcoin enthusiasts liked to proclaim got severely shattered. A free fall […]  -- read more

Three trend traders and their systems.
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The outlier trading system for trend riders
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