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Maria and the FX robot

This is Maria from Metropolis. Her eyes are irresistible. At her side we have plastic robot XYZ who likes to disguise himself as Maria to become irresistible. He, the FX trading robot, has an incredible story, perhaps too good to be true. The stock trading sysnthesis may look less hypnotizing, but her trading system is proven since the times of Darvas.

Synthesis of Darvas and Livermore

The InvestoTrader trades large moves in the stock market and cares of fundamentals. He is a stock picker, but he doesn't try to hop onto penny stock explosions. Instead he exploits major swings of the most exciting stocks, especially the overshooting ones:

Trading Robot

Forex is more a random market than anything else, but it may still offer interesting chances. It would need a creative system for autotrading with some sort of adapting or auto-adapting over the course of time. For people who are absolutely mesmerized by Maria and want to find out if her plastic clone trades as good as his disguise doesn't look, here is the link to a Forex robot that seems to have at least some longevity:

Take care that you are not going to become the robot yourself, hypnotized and obedient, throwing your hard earned money at the Sphinx.

If you are still interested in Forex trading, read our article about a possibly working Forex trend system for human traders and how it compares to a stock trend system.

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