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The modern investo-trader

Nicolas Darvas was the world famous master of trend hunting. He developed a special entry method with boxes, price ranges that later became known as the Darvas boxes system. When he applied his system, the markets were less sophisticated than they are today. Nowadays there are hordes of automatically trading robots and generally everyone uses trading software for one or the other purpose. His boxes system is still valid, but wouldn't work as efficiently today as it did in the sixties of the last century.

Jesse Livermore tried to anticipate a coming move. When it came, he was already on board and then he essentially did the same that Darvas did, holding on to the position. One of his most well known remarks is that nothing but the sitting had made him rich.

A combination of these two great traders from the past - the synthesis - would possibly be the ultimate trader or investor, which I label herewith the "modern investo-trader", just to give it a name. Clearly there is a message sent out by a trend and there is also the ease and elegance to just let a stock going to work for you, the part of the sitting. So these principles are still valid despite their age of decades. Add some technical wizardry to be prepared for the computer noise of today, some knowledge about what ignites the fulminant runs of which growth stocks and you may be on the right track. Surely there are many attempts out there to achieve something like that, but to me this one is still the most consequent approach:

Darvas + Livermore = InvestoTrader

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