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Trend System LX

Trend trading works by making the right entry and the right exit. If you are able to do the timing right, you are destined to win. More than other methods of investing trading the trend relies on a system. The most convenient way for executing a trading system is the one that is incorporated in software.

That's fine and trend traders know that, of course. There is also a vast array of trading software for all kinds of strategies available. But there is also a catch. Trading software is mostly written for Windows only. Linux users and even Mac adepts are shut out from the trading world. Trend System LX tries to change that.

So, what is it?

Trend System LX is a multiplatform shell for running trading software on various operating systems. It is a piece of system software, specifically a VMware image, that can be run with the VMware Player, a free and fine program from the masters of virtualization.

Virtualization? Yes, that's what this software does. Read the readme file of the download for further instructions. This VMware image can be run under all three main OSes, namely Windows, Mac OS and Linux with the help of the VMware Player. For the trader the outcome looks like a whole computer screen running in a window of the host system.

The screenshot shows the Trend System LX running under Windows in a single window. The system is a complete Linux system with its own start menu and application windows. The menu inside the blue window is from the Linux OS of the Trend System app and the task bar at the bottom is from Windows. The blue window is the VMware Player. So, this appliance is indeed a whole "software PC" simulated on a real machine.

Trend trading with a system

The Trend System appliance can be run as is under the three main operating systems. As such it allows a multiplatform approach for running your trading environment. Already installed are:

  • Java environment - Java is in itself a multiplatform language. If you have trading software written in Java, you have the perfect setup. Alternatively you could run the Java-based trading system software directly on your host machine.
  • Wine - The Windows emulator can be used to run most Windows programs under the Linux OS. With the help of Wine many Windows trading programs should be installable into the Trend System LX.
  • Firefox and Chromium - The two best extensible browsers are also included. There are already many trading apps and plugins for these frameworks.
  • VMware Tools - These are special tools that are doing a bunch of useful things, like connecting the emulated PC via network, file sharing, drag n drop and copy n paste to its outer host OS.

The Linux distro of choice for the Trend System LX is the current Lubuntu 12.04. Lubuntu is a descendant of Ubuntu and L stands for LXDE, an ergonomic and swift desktop system. So, the LX is an abbreviation for Linux or LXDE, as you like it. Even better, it could also mean deluxe...

Here are the downloads:

  • - The direct download link of the Trend System LX image as a torrent file. Note, this does not contain the readme file that explains how to use VMware. If you know what to do with a VMware image, you are fine with this one.
  • - The combined download of all necessary help files and for convenience also the torrent file itself. Download this one and start the torrent download above. Then get the free VMware Player below and you have everything you need.
  • - Either this free software or one of the other virtualization systems from VMware are necessary to run the Trend System LX image.
  • - The direct download link of the Trend System LX image. Use this if you are unable to download via BitTorrent.

Trend Sigma is about trend trading. We used to offer a blog with regular market scans for promising trading chances as well as various trend trading systems. Nowadays we let others do the work for us. See below. But at first here are some hints on how to do trend trading right.

The right system for trend trading

The system for investing is simple, at least on the surface. Buy cheap, hold and sell when prices are relatively high. Trading is more complicated and trend trading even more so. In other words, trend trading or trend investing is not easy. You will need a system!

We maintain a growing list of trading systems and methods about how to do trend trading effectively. Here we are highlighting two very different strategies. One is the automated version, the trading robot, and the other one is for the emotional trader trying to be in sync with the market.

Only a minority of all traders and investors can succeed with exploiting the trend phenomenon. That means, do it a bit differently than everyone else! If you are more the intuitive trader and want to think on your own without using an automaton, we suggest that you take a look at this simple but effective trading system:

Trend trading for the trend investor

Don't worry about the strange combination of Zen and trading. They only choose this name, because their system is simple and easy to use. At least that is what it looks from here.

Our favorite trend trading software works for the stock market. It uses a swing trading style to scalp short-term trends with long and short positions. You could use it also with only taking the long trading signals. Technically it mimics the human brain with a complex neural algorithm, but important is the outcome.

This trading algorithm is able to adapt itself automatically to any price history and extract the idiosyncrasies of an underlying chart. It does so by detecting even patterns that are hidden or hard to discern for human traders. Combined with its ability to stay calm this advanced pattern detection enables the software to beat most real traders. Watch the video to see the daily signals in action...

So, if you want to become a trend trader who actually makes money, both systems are worth a try. Become an automated swing trading trend scalper with the software or a mid- and long-term trend runner who is running by sitting!

You could also subscribe to our trend traders blog. Only a minority does that. Must be the same that gains in the markets :)
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