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Stocks, Forex or Options?

The short answer is of course: Stocks! And there is good reason for that. Stocks can be traded intraday, are good for swing trading and are sensible long-term investments. Stock markets offer thousands of interesting chances. Rather than being forced to use leverage for more aggressive trading styles, stocks intrinsically have the potential to rise hugely. All that makes it a bit easier to gain in the stock market, at least with this stock trading system.

Forex is the difficult beast. It hypnotizes people, but most of them lose. It is the arcane world of the banks. However, it is also possible to turn the tables on them or at least to sail in their wake. There are trends!

Complicated and even more problematic than Forex, that is the options market. But again, there is something that could be turned around. If you like safe bets, which work regardless of the direction of the market, a system for options in conjunction with stocks may be right for you. That is the opposite of what ordinary trend trading is supposed to be and it may work even when the market crashes. Still, there would be much knowledge and work required. And sadly, option strategies usually don't work as expected.

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