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Nicolas Darvas

Here is a strategy which has similarities to Nicholas Darvas' techno-fundamental method.

  • Buy when stocks make new highs after a correction which follows a prior sudden burst of volume and price movement from a prior consolidation range.
  • Trade with stop orders only, whether to buy or to sell at a profit or to cut losses.
  • Place a trailing stop on a profitable move at a few percent below the low of the current trading range.
  • Buy only growth stocks showing the best potential for velocity of price advance.
  • Buying candidates should offer goods or services that can be anticipated to see tremendous demand and growth over the next 10 years. That doesn't mean the stock will be held for 10 years. It gets sold the moment one of the trailing stops is touched off.
  • Do not watch the intraday tape. Check price and volume action at the end of the day or even better at the end of the week.
  • Only watch very few leading stocks in leading industries. 5 stocks should be the maximum at any given time.
  • Always pyramid up only when a stock makes a move from a lower trading range to a higher trading range.
  • Hold no more than 2 stocks at any given time. You want to hold the best stocks and if you can't make money on the best stocks, odds are that you will not make money on others either.
  • Start the first buy in any stock with a test buy of a small lot. If the stock makes an initial clear move and then creates a trading range on top of a prior trading range then pyramid up with buying the main chunk.
  • If your most recent buys all get stopped out then the market may not be ripe for an entry.
  • If your buy has not gone up in the next weeks after your entry, it is probable that the stock is not going to make a significant move in the near future either.

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