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VMware image download

This is a fresh collection of virtual machines based on the VMware architecture. All VMs are installed without interfering much with the original default installer settings. However, in some cases we have tweaked or streamlined the appliances a bit, in order to mitigate one or the other annoyance. In any case the result should be a fine virtual machine that is usable for daily work tasks.

In order to use these images you will need special software from VMware. For a first attempt, as well as quite some professional use cases, there is the free VMware Player available. Downloading both the Player and one of the images will get you started.

These VMware image downloads mean a serious bandwidth burden for our server. Please try the torrent download first if there is one offered.

List of VMware appliances available for downloading:

Trend Sigma packages include a small file with passwords and so on. For more information about specific configuration problems etc the accompanying page above may offer some clues.

There are generally two users installed, namely root and user, with these simple passwords:

  • root: password
  • user: password

For more general information about starting, configuring, and troubleshooting look at our VMware image installation page.

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