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Bodhi Linux 1.2 VMware image

A relative newcomer to the illustrious club of Linux distros is Bodhi. It has a minimalist approach or philosophy and as such the Buddhistic name makes really sense. Instead of the common desktop environments like Gnome or KDE Bodhi Linux comes with Enlightenment, which is well known for its eye candy.

Appliance Bodhi Linux 1.2.1
VM image size 388 MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password

Hmm, sounds like a contradiction, like the combination of luxury and minimalism, but the outcome is refreshingly interesting. While Gnome is struggling with its dreaded 3.x version that seems to throw out all the good ideas of ergonomic design Gnome has stood for so far, the overtaking lane is free for other desktop systems. Wishful thinking or prophecy? See it yourself and download this relatively small image below.

The minimalist approach results in an exceptionally light download. On the flip side there are only basic tools like file manager, text editor, browser and package manager installed. But that is enough to directly download and install only the applications you want. Just start Synaptic and click reload and after a short while you will be able to choose from almost 32000 packages.

Basically these are the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS packages from which Bhodi 1.2 is derived. This relative young but promising distro has a little flaw, at least as a VMware image. It doesn't remember its screen resolution after rebooting. As a workaround there is a little script in the user home directory that sets it to 1024x768 during the boot process. If you want to change the screen resolution permanently, you will have to edit this file.

Applications: Midori, Leafpad, Synaptic, LX Terminal and PCManFM

Zip md5: cb6e857af149f49247f43678423f0190

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