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Debian 11 VMware image with VM tools

The latest Debian codenamed Bullseye is out and we have it here canned for you as a VMware image. VMware Tools are already installed and features like shared folders have been tested. Desktop environment is Mate. Debian Linux comes similar to Ubuntu LTS with five years of support.

Appliance Debian 11 64bit
VM image size 1.34 GB
Disk 20 GB
VM RAM 2048 MB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password

Our new recommendation for desktop safety by VMware for, e.g., trading purposes is this Debian image. Debian is surely one of the most secure OS alternatives and it comes here with the Mate desktop. The Mate environment is the user-friendly old school desktop that has a start menu and a task bar. Its predecessor was Gnome 2, which was replaced by Gnome 3, also dubbed "back to the terminal". This Gnome from the future almost served as a terminator for the Linux world on desktops.

In Mate everything is done with simplicity but not by limitation as the newer Gnome tries to do it and that's why you can actually work with this thing. Mate shows you what programs are there to start and which are currently running. Some OSes like to hide especially the latter. The user shouldn't know which apps are currently doing what. That is the new logic of the big digital monopolies. Not so with Mate and Debian.

Of course, all that makes this tandem a good choice for a trading appliance that gets isolated from other system parts. It works even better the other way round. As a browsing and email appliance it keeps potentially dangerous operations apart from the host and other virtual systems. At its best you run two of these virtualized Debian apps in parallel. One is for surfing and more work and the other for trading. Ideally the host system is doing nothing except starting the Debian VMware images!

Another interesting VMware image download is the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS that also has the Mate desktop. That version of Mate has even four different start menus to choose from, compared to the three this Debian appliance has.

In general, Debian stands for security and Ubuntu for convenience. Whether Ubuntu is really out of the box more useable than Debian, has been the big question for a long time. Personally I doubt it and otherwise it is probably a question of individual cases. Something works here but not there, or the other way round.

Applications: Firefox, Gimp, Libreoffice, and some smaller apps and various system tools.

Recommended additional applications: Double Commander for all those who are missing the Total Commander under Linux. To install it, search in the package manager Synaptic for "doublecmd". There are many more programs that could be installed for normal desktop work like an email client or a music player. We kept the software selection that gets originally installed with the Debian net installer and choosing the Mate desktop environment.

Zip md5: 3b0cc12f720f8b1bbaf561e0a6d06371

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