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Debian 6 Squeeze VMware image

After month of waiting the Debian project just released version 6.0, also known as Squeeze. This great distro has finally made it and here is a first VMware image derived from the Gnome desktop installer CD1 for demo purposes. For real work the debian6t is more suitable. See below.

Appliance Debian 6 Squeeze
VM image size 575 MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/user
Root password root
Successor is
Debian 9.5

While we have also the debian6t available, an image with VMware Tools, the debian6 appliance has no VM Tools. This image is also light on applications and thought as a first impression with a minimal download size. It also seems that there is an issue with installing additional software. However, it could be used as a surfing appliance or for mail and some other Internet operations. If you want more than that, please download the main Debian 6 appliance instead.

Applications: Firefox, Epiphany, mail, video and tools

Zip md5: b3b3af08ab8d5b6a3d206f20eabed476

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