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Fedora 15 VMware image

The new Fedora Lovelock distro comes with Gnome 3.0. The graphics hardware emulation of the VMware Player is not matching modern PCs and thus a fallback Gnome mode is used by default. The result seems to be a mixture of both the old and the new Gnome world. For instance, the task bar and the menu bar are still there. Is this good or bad...?

Appliance Fedora 15
VM image size 843 MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Fedora 16

Now that there is the new Fedora 16 you can also try that one with the newest Player or one of the other alternatives below.

If Gnome 3.0 in its standard mode is the thing you want, loading 2d graphics drivers analogously to how it can be done with the Ubuntu 11.04 appliance or installing VMware Tools may help. If the old Gnome 2.32 is more what you want, we have the Fedora 14 appliance also available for download.

Applications: Firefox, Evolution, Empathy, Transmission, Shotwell, Simple Scan, Brasero, Cheese, Rhythmbox, Movie Player and some other audio/CD/video/system tools.

Zip md5: 644fb2ba43adcd62a97af4b10cd82022

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