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Fedora 16 VMware image

Fedora 16 comes with the new Gnome 3.x desktop system. Still, as in Fedora 15, the graphics driver of the current VMware Player seems not to be sufficient to run the Gnome Shell. Instead, the desktop is started with a fallback mode that looks like the classic Gnome 2.x. Perhaps for many this is not a negative, but a positive, since the new desktop ideas of Gnome and Ubuntu don't seem to have the right karma. See below for other alternatives.

Appliance Fedora 16
VM image size 767 MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password

As for comparison with other VMware images, the Ubuntu 11.10 image is recommended. That one works with Ubuntu's own desktop development Unity and everyone can make up their mind, whether the new or the old desktop paradigm is better suited to work with.

Fedora is more targeted to office machines and such a PC is not about cool gimmicks. Sadly, it has degenerated today into an entertaining toy. Some decades earlier a computer was a "garbage in garbage out" machine. Today the former requirement has been made superfluous, thanks to Apple. Then Microsoft desperately tried with hot air to catch cool water and KDE wanted to trump both with plasma. Finally, the Gnome got totally confused throwing out of the window all good principles about working with computers and bowed to the glitter industry.

Perhaps this is the dawn of the smaller desktops like the one in the Lubuntu 11.10 image. This appliance has the fast LXDE desktop and VMware Tools are also installed. LXDE? Right, it looks like the classic Gnome. Start menu, windows and not application driven and a task bar. And it is really fast.

As a final note about the passwords, because they seem to cause some confusion on Fedora. The root password is "password" but on Fedora you can only use it for terminal operations etc. Logging in as root is forbidden by default and will give an authentication error.

Applications: Firefox, Evolution, Empathy, Transmission, Shotwell, Simple Scan, Brasero, Cheese, Rhythmbox, Movie Player and some other audio/CD/video/system tools.

Zip md5: c155fed87c91c1003fd46485f2430aa2

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