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Lubuntu 11.10 VMware appliance

The Lubuntu 11.10 version is the first from Ubuntu officially supported Lubuntu distro. Basically this is Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop environment. The L stands for lightweight and thus this VMware image has a small download size. The other advantage of LXDE is its swiftness. Perhaps most importantly, it offers the old Gnome 2.x feeling with the classic start menu and task bar.

Appliance Lubuntu 11.10
VM image size 552 MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Lubuntu 18.04 LTS

Now that Ubuntu 11.10 has switched to their own desktop named Unity, the way may be free for the smaller desktop projects like Xfce and LXDE. Not all people seem to be satisfied with the new ideas incorporated in the Gnome Shell and Ubuntu Unity.

LXDE is still a young project, but it already impresses. Similar to the Ubuntu 11.10, from which it is derived, it is able to load the Gnome Shell from the Ubuntu repositories. After that procedure the session menu in the startup screen includes some more options. Sadly, in the current VMware environment Gnome 3.x seems to have difficulties to work, and so only one of the additional options, which looks like a Gnome 2.x fallback, doesn't fail to start.

Applications: Chromium, Sylpheed, Transmission, Pidgin, Simple Scan, mtpaint, Abiword, Gnumeric, Osmo, Audacious, MPlayer, Xfburn and some other tools.

Zip md5: 6e272fa9169a84d26059f5fdae9b8237

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