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Linux Mint 11 Katya VMware image

Linux Mint is the kitchen sink of the Linux distros. This appliance of Linux Mint Katya comes with everything on board that the media lover and office worker needs. All typical desktop applications are already installed, the browser has all wanted plugins, codecs are included and Java is waiting for you ;)

Appliance Mint 11
VM image size 938 MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools no
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Mint 12

This fine and polished distro is derived from Ubuntu and that in turn from Debian. There is however a little downside. Linux Mint demands a bit more horse power than, say, our Debian appliance. One thing to consider with this VMware image is to change the virtual machine settings and set the number of CPUs to a higher one, namely the maximum your actual hardware offers. For older low end processors this appliance may not be the right thing. In that case we recommend to use the Debian image.

Another idea is to use our lighter version of Mint 11. Instead of Gnome it uses LDXE as the desktop environment. It has also VMware Tools already installed and tested. Try it, LXDE seems to be a fine alternative to Gnome.

Applications: Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Transmission, XChat, Giver, Pidgin, Gimp, Simple Scan, Brasero, Banshee, MPlayer, VLC, Java and some other audio, CD, video and system tools.

Zip md5: 629bdef32e5a36e15895cacc020b2a3b

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