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Linux Mint 12 VMware image with Tools

Linux Mint Lisa is built on top of Ubuntu and to some extent more polished. This appliance has the latest VMware Tools installed. Instead of Ubuntu's experiments with the new desktop experience Unity the Mint team still relies on Gnome. They went even a step further in that they went back...

Appliance Mint 12 Tools
VM image size 715 MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password
Successor is
Mint 15

Not satisfied with the modern desktop ideas Mint implemented into Gnome 3.x the classic Gnome feeling of the 2.x version. This image is a light download and it can install on demand with two single mouse clicks all media codecs or all missing applications of the full version. See below.

Here is the link to the Ubuntu 11.10 image, which uses the Unity desktop. Sadly, the 3d hardware acceleration that Gnome 3.x needs doesn't seem to be working in VMware's virtualization to this date. Ubuntu can only start its Unity desktop and this image seems to use the Gnome fallback instead of the new Gnome Shell with the Mint additions.

Still, the new Linux Mint Lisa offers the classic start menu, task bar and scroll bars. It looks pretty much like the good old accustomed Gnome. For extending this appliance to the full Mint DVD installation go to the applications menu and use "Other->Upgrade to the DVD edition". If you want the media capabilities only use "Sound & Video->Install multimedia codecs"

Applications: Firefox, Thunderbird, Transmission, XChat, gThumb, Simple Scan, Banshee, Brasero, Movieplayer, Compiler environment and more system tools.

Zip md5: 89092b2d2d0b4cd462c9cb2cb70aa553

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