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Trend System LX 1.0 VMware appliance

Trend System LX is a minimal VMware image designed as a basic starting point for building a specific appliance. More information about how we plan to use it for our trend trading operation can be found at its original home page:

Appliance Trend System LX 1.0
VM image size 816 MB
Disk 40 GB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password

Technically this image uses an Ubuntu Linux 12.04 distro with the LXDE desktop system, also known as Lubuntu. So, the LX of this appliance stands either for Linux or LXDE. LXDE is a fast and lightweight desktop system that outrivals Ubuntu's Unity by a wide margin.

However, the Trend System LX 1.0 is only a shell ready for installing trading applications. It can also be extended to any other specific appliance. So far, only universally usable packages have been installed for using multiplatform software or bridging the OS worlds. Trading software is often available only for Windows...

Already installed are the newest VMware Tools, the Java runtime environment, the Wine Windows emulator, and the compiler environment. This desktop system gets completed by Firefox and Chromium, the two browsers that are the most extensible with their plugin and addon systems. Finally, Lubuntu 12.04 has the same long-term support of five years as the standard Ubuntu edition.

This VMware appliance is a specific one designed for assembling a multiplatform environment for hosting trend trading or general investing software. Thus almost all typical desktop programs have been removed. If you want to use a desktop system for everyday use, download one of our other images.

For example, use the Lubuntu 12.04 image with VMware Tools that comes with all typical desktop apps. As it happens, the Trend System LX appliance is a direct descendant of this Lubuntu image. Alternatively the Ubuntu 12.04 image has also a complete desktop with all well known Linux applications preinstalled.

Trend trading with a system

We chose the Lubuntu distro over Ubuntu for our trading appliance because the new desktop ideas and metaphors continue to irritate users. Lubuntu has with its swift LXDE the good old and simple start button, a task bar and a hierarchical menu. In our opinion that is highly superior to what the new Gnome or Unity desktops offer. The development teams behind these desktops, who otherwise produced great open source software, wanted to invent something that doesn't seem to be necessary. In fact, it seems to be counterproductive.

The discussion on our site about these new desktops started here on the home page of the Ubuntu 11.04 image. This Ubuntu image uses the last original version of Ubuntu that is usable, as it has a fallback to the Gnome 2.x look and feel. So, if you don't fall in love with LXDE, you can still use that one. Of course, it lacks the long-term support of the 12.04 version.

Just to mention it briefly, there is also the fine Linux Mint 12 with LXDE image. The Mint team has some gripes with Ubuntu's Unity, too. They are developing their own fork of Gnome 3.x. Mint Linux favors a feature rich philosophy. Everything is preinstalled and prepared to work out of the box. Codecs, plugins and so on are all in place and assembled so that a whole emerges. That may be a reason for us to switch from Ubuntu to Mint for future versions of our trading appliance. Linux Mint itself is available with LXDE, the new Mint fork of Gnome Shell called Cinnamon, and Mate, a fork of Gnome 2. The Mint team seems to work hard to achieve a good user experience.

Applications installed into Trend System LX: Java, Wine, Firefox, Chromium, Audacious, MPlayer, compiler environment.

Zip md5: 22ff699c5f79e833043232ec7133310d

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