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Ubuntu 20.04 image with VMware Tools

Ubuntu Focal Fossa LTS is out and here is our corresponding VMware image. Our Ubuntu Fossa comes with the convenient Mate environment and has a long term support by the Ubuntu team. VMware tools are installed and tested. See below.

Appliance Ubuntu Mate 20.04.3
VM image size 1.79 GB
Disk 20 GB
VM RAM 2048 MB
VMware Tools yes
User/password user/password
Root password password

We chose the fine Mate desktop over the standard Ubuntu Gnome 3.x, because we actually want this thing to be usable. In my opinion, Gnome still tries to find its place between Windows and some mobile OSes. VMware needs a desktop system that is actually a desktop and not a guessflop. For instance, I want to know which applications are actually running. Having to guess whether an icon indicates a program could be started or is already doing something is not sufficient. Users of some monopolistic operating systems seem to be sucked into a new form of an upcoming Matrix, the large digital companies, where they serve as energy-delivering beings, happy but dumb. They are allowed to use the infrastructure, but knowing what actually happens and having control over their digital property is not wanted.

Anyway, Ubuntu Mate has a functional oldschool desktop with a start menu -- actually you have 4 different ones to choose from -- and one or more panels aka taskbars. Compared to Gnome 3, Mate is highly configurable. In general, I think Mate is underrated. Another useful alternative to Gnome is the Xfce desktop, which you could get with the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Xfce at, our quicksilver sister.

For those who search for a maximum of freedom, security, and usability I recommend our Debian 11 VMware image. It also uses the Mate desktop and has five years of Debian support.

Applications: Firefox, Synaptic, and some more tools.

Zip md5: 11d01d244fa0e242142b92ba62ff3f22

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